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  • World of Pets Expo

    World of Pets Expo Event on 2017-02-17 14:00:00 Exhibitors will fill the spacious HRCC with thousands of products and services ..

  • Winnebago Pet Expo

    Winnebago Pet Expo Event on 2017-10-07 00:00:00 Winnebago Pet Expo is happening on 07 Oct 2017 at Sunnyview Expo Center ..

  • Summerlin Pet Expo

    Summerlin Pet Expo Event on 2017-04-16 00:00:00 Summerlin Pet Expo is happening on 16 Apr 2017 at Downtown Summerlin Las ..

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Is there an animal doctor in the house? Most likely, the answer is no. And when an accident or other emergency threatens your pet, every minute counts. Don't be unprepared! Open The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats by Amy D. Shojai and discover a comprehensive A-to-Z guide to more than 150 common-- and not-so-common-- injuries and conditions such as:
  • Basic first-aid techniques, such as cleaning a wound, making a splint, and performing CPR-- step-by-step!
  • Which over-the-counter human medications can help -- or harm -- your dog or cat
  • What to keep in your pet's medicine chest (many essential items are probably in your house already!)
  • How to quickly pinpoint what's wrong with your pet, using the First-Aid Symptom Finder
Each at-a-glance entry tells you when to call the vet, which supplies or medications you'll need, what immediate action you should take, and what you should do as follow-up care.

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  • Toysmith Ginormous Grow Lizard

    Toysmith Ginormous Grow Lizard 12 1/2″ long lizards that grow Place them in water and they will grow to 36″ ..

  • Rat

    Rat Image by cheesechoker Rat

  • rabbit

    rabbit Image by karen H. nickname.{ pooh} rabbit

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  • The End of the Line

    The End of the Line The End of the Line Price: $ 58.42 Sold by (dba Shopping)

  • Poker Talk: How to Talk Poker Like a Pro

    Poker Talk: How to Talk Poker Like a Pro Brought on by a massive national interest in poker and televised ..

  • WCFFEBPCforweb2009

    WCFFEBPCforweb2009 Image by pacres Discount ticket for the 2009 Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition